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The Construction Manager Certification Institute (CMCI) provides credentials for professional construction managers. As an independent administrative body of CMAA, CMCI administers the Construction Management credentialing programs. The Institute is governed by a Board of Governors and is comprised of CM professionals who are responsible for policies and procedures affecting criteria for professional credentials and the determination of candidate’s status enrolled in the credential programs.


CERTIFIED CONSTRUCTION MANAGER (CCM) certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO-17024 standard.




The Certified Construction Manager (CCM) is the gold standard in personnel credentials for the construction management profession. It is the only construction management certification accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO-17024 standard.

Achieving the Certified Construction Manager (CCM) indicates to owners and service providers that you have a mastery of specific skills required to successfully complete projects and programs.

The CCM Credential Enables You to:

  • Increase your Marketability and Competitive Advantage. Having a CCM helps you standout and showcase your experience in being responsible and in charge of construction management services, and that you can provide resolutions toward your client’s best interests and complete a successful project.

  • Display your Leadership and Professionalism. The CCM is a sign of professional achievement and will help you validate to clients and supervisors that you’re dedicated to your profession and that you are part of an elite group of qualified industry experts.

  • Expand your Knowledge and Grow your Network. As a CCM, you maintain your credibility by staying up-to-date with industry best practices, being engaged at industry events, and adhering to the code of ethics through the recertification process.

More than 4,400 professionals have earned the right to call themselves a Certified Construction Manager®. They recognize the value the CCM® distinction brings to their careers and the confidence that it inspires in their clients.

Certified Construction Manager | CCM

The Certified Associate Construction Manager (CACM) certification is CMAA’s mid-level credential that tests a CM’s ability to lead aspects of a construction project or program. The CACM is appropriate for those who have more experience than a CMIT but are not yet ready to lead an entire project or program on their own. For example, a CACM is someone who may be put in charge of at least one part of a program or project, such as developing the schedule or inspecting the work.



The Construction Manager-in-Training (CMIT®) Program is a starting point to help develop a successful career in the construction management industry. The CMIT is a professional credential recognizing the basic and fundamentals of construction management practices, demonstrated by those who have displayed high educational achievement and the desire to learn how to become competent, successful Construction Managers (CMs). 

Construction Manager-In-Training | CMIT


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